Saturday, August 11, 2012


                                                                                    - By Milan K Sinha

DR. A. Carrel, Nobel prize winner in medicine  says, "BUSINESSMEN WHO DO NOT KNOW HOW TO FIGHT WORRY DIE YOUNG!

This saying equally applies to present day executives who live in this era of LIBERALISATION, PRIVATISATION & GLOBALISATION (LPG) working all over the globe in many countries, who are dying young. The word that is frequently used in this respect in today’s corporate parlance is STRESS, STRESS AND MORE STRESS.

   Mr. Hans Selye, the famous American Stress Management Expert, has identified the top stressors at one’s workplace as urgency of achieving the target,excessive work pressure, demanding and aggressive bosses, less performing and sometimes non-performing colleagues, competitive peers, excessive touring and domestic disharmony. The long office hours mainly due to late sitting habits resulting in very little time for  the family especially children is a cause of domestic disharmony. And on  top of everything, the increasing uncertainty in today’s corporate life leads to so much of executive stress. This kind of situation, in turn, affects the behaviour pattern of an individual, sometimes fatally.

      An individual who tries to build up a big business empire or to go up in career path very fast but forgets to Organize, Deputise and Supervise usually ends up with heart, kidney and liver problems in his early forties itself – majority health problems caused by strain and stress, tension and worries.

    It is no denying the fact that over the last couple of years, value system in the corporate world has generally collapsed and stress is nothing but the direct repercussion of this collapse. That is why sane people suggest that in today’s corporate scenario, stress will almost be a constant companion demanding continuous serious attention. And surely, there are many ways to control stress by means of adopting different positive life styles.

To be continued...

             Will meet again with Open Mind. All the Best.


  1. Sir,
    The issue which you have discussed is very serious and common among working people. But, now a days stress is also becoming a concerned issue between students. They now not only have to score high, but also have to compete for jobs. The air of pressure is not only present in office or in work areas, they are every where now a days.

  2. Thanks. Yes, you are very correct. Thats why it is necessary to find ways & means to combat the menace by adopting positive life style.
    SO, Keep reading & relaxing. All the Best.

  3. We do need to monitor regularly our stress level in order to survive in today's LPG scenario. Companies should take initiative in this regard.

    1. Thanks for reading & sharing your view point on the subject. All the Best.