Sunday, August 12, 2012


                                                                                            - By Milan K Sinha
     In my previous post, we discussed about some aspects of stress management for enjoying a better life. Let us dig a little further...

The first thing we should do is to avoid imitating others blindly. Secondly, we should sincerely try to know ourselves. And, in turn, find ourselves and be ourselves always endeavouring for further improvement in one’s personality by positive means. 

Instead of being submissive or aggressive in one’s behaviour, it is desirable to be assertive since assertive behaviour encompasses the qualities of being confident, mature, frank, balanced, objective, dynamic, decisive, competent, humorous, relaxed and logical. The assertive attitude must be backed by an honest, transparent, and committed approach. 

The human tendency has been to think and worry about what we haven’t rather than think what we have, even though; generally most of the things in our lives are right. In fact, we have been in the habit of counting our curses and not the blessings. Undoubtedly, this is the greatest tragedy and it has probably caused more misery than all the wars and diseases in the history. Contrary to this kind of psychology, the words “THINK & THANK” are inscribed in scriptures of all religious. What does it mean? It simple means, think of all one has to be grateful for and thank that Almighty GOD for all our boons and bounties. In fact the words, “THINK & THANK” are to be inscribed in our hearts and imbibed.

The next step to embark upon is to identify management practices that cause stress and take steps to change those practices within the given constraints. Psychiatrists know and say that worrying about insomnia usually causes far more damage than sleeplessness itself. One should never abandon hope for there is a potential cure for every ailment.

    The Rational Emotive Theory developed by the American psychologist Mr. E. Albert for stress control, tries to correct faulty thinking by getting executives to write down what troubles them and then counter it on paper with rational thinking. Bringing pen to paper helps lift much of the emotional fog and gets one to see the real facts. You might often find that you are worrying about nothing. In other words, if one sincerely devotes time in securing facts in an impartial and objective manner, the worries will evaporate in the light of knowledge and wisdom.

    In order to tackle stress a three pronged approach was also suggested and tested by a few corporate entities, by being (i) curative for employees who had already reached high levels of stress and were developing insomnia, symptoms of nervousness and other psychomatic problems, (ii) preventive by creating open networks for senior-junior communication to get suppressed feeling out without fear of a backlash and (iii) promotive by building a culture supported by uniquely Indian values. Periodical weekend country retreat is also arranged for releasing stress by free, frank, one-to-one, no-hold-bar discussion among the executives.

* LPG here stands for: Liberalisation, Privatisation & Globalisation

To be continued... 
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  1. Absolutely. One should have an identity of his own. We should not imitate others. First, know ourselves and then make an unique identity out of it.

    1. Thanks for reading & sharing your views nicely. All the Best.