Friday, August 24, 2012


                                                            - By Milan K Sinha

         Lord Krishna told Arjuna during the battle between Pandava & Kaurva,Do Your Best & Forget About The Rest". Famous Hindi film actor Dev Anand was shown singing this philosophical song:

            मैं जिंदगी का साथ निभाता चला गया 
            हर फिक्र को  धुएं में उड़ाता चला गया .   

      What else is in our hand except to abide by this eternal rule of life. In this competitive world where only change is permanent, we only can take best of efforts to achieve the goal. If we succeed , its fine, otherwise take it as part of your life. See, how one of the greatest Scientists, Inventors & Business leaders, Thomas Alva Edison takes it when posed with a question about his failure for more than 10000 times before the land mark discovery of Electric Bulb, I have not failed. I have just found 10000 ways that didn’t work”. Another example of Edison  of his inimitable quality of taking the life easy even at a time when he was watching his own factory which was established with huge investment burning  to ashes before his own eyes. He commented,” whatever happens, its good. All my shortcomings are burnt. Now, by God's grace,I can start afresh”. And as we know, "God helps those who help themselves". Very interestingly, it came true when Edison invented Phonograph just after a few weeks of this accident. You would be thrilled to know that Edison, who had formal education of only three months in a school because of his persistent questioning to his teacher, finally had more than 1100 patents & fourteen companies including the famous General Electric to his credit. If you look around, you will find several such genius  who created history in respective fields of life that’s sometimes seem unimaginable.

          There is no denying the fact that at times we get perturbed, confused, disillusioned as what to do now and what is the exit route. In such situations, take  a few moments off, close your eyes &  breathe long for some time. Also try to say yourself, "what you have lost or going to lose that you are grieving for. What had you brought with you(at the time of birth) that you claim to have lost".

         Life is  no doubt complex but is equally full of suspense & surprises – that makes the life adventurous & guarantees it not to become insipid ,stereotype & boring. Each new day starts for us  with lots of hope and concludes with some success, some failures & lots of dreams. In this daily process of desire, hopes & expectations on one side and  accomplishments, despairs & newer  experiences on the other side, in real sense, we could discover what the life is all about.  Finally, before ending this post ,I cannot  resist the temptation of sharing with you few lines from a Hindi song in legendry Kishore Kumar’s voice:

          यह जीवन है, इस  जीवन का,
          यही है, यही है,यही है, रंग रूप 
          थोड़े गम हैं,थोड़ी खुशियां, 
          यही है, यही है, यही है, छांव धूप   
          यह जीवन है …

I await your comments/reactions as ever. All the Best.


  1. Sir, we are really thankful, to get your inspirational quotes and articles, which has, great revitalizing effects on our lives. Thanks for making us privileged to get us enlightened.

    1. Thanks a lot. My endeavor would continue to be interacting, discussing & motivating people as far as possible.In the process, I too learn many things. So keep reading & reacting. All the Best.

    2. inspiring thoughts!

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    1. Thanks a lot for reading & appreciating. All the Best.