Wednesday, August 15, 2012


                                                                                         - By Milan K Sinha  
              Today, India is celebrating its 65th anniversary of independence. All rituals have been performed. Crores of public money spent as always. But, the nagging questions related to real independence of  the largest democratic country of the world are yet to be answered by  planners, policymakers.... and the questions are about three most basic needs of every Indian : Food, Clothing & Shelter. If  a few other basic necessities of life are also added such as Health, Education & Employment, it would be fair enough to analyse the outcome of the 65 year long journey of Independent Democratic Sovereign India. All kinds of statistics/data  on these basic needs of people of India is readily available for each one to know, ponder & ask the following questions once again today:
  • Is every Indian getting even two meals a day to eat?
  • Is every Indian clothed like a normal human being?
  • Is every Indian family residing in pucca house?
  • Is  every Indian getting minimum health facility?
  • Is every Indian getting even primary education worth the name?
  • Is every Indian gainfully employed even 180 days in a year?
        The answer to all these basic questions is in negative. Notwithstanding, the planners, policymakers /lawmakers would argue that the the country has achieved a lot on these counts  during last 65 years, but they will find it very difficult to justify the adequacy  & urgency of  fulfilling  these basic needs of people for reasons best known to majority of Indian population. Every one would agree, by any yardstick, 65 years is a very very long period for a country full of natural resources & human assets to have real cheers & happiness for celebrating the Independence day in an inclusive manner. It is time to seriously think on these issues & do the needful within the frame work of our great constitution to make India Independent in real sense of the term. 
                                              will meet again with Open Mind.  All the Best.


  1. Even after 65 years of Independence, we are not free. Not every Indian individual is getting which is constitutionally his. Making India a real Independent country requires a lot of efforts in this regard to ensure at least the basic needs reach each door step.

    1. Very true. Thanks for reading & sharing your point of views. All the Best.