Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Economic Times Story on 27.10.12:  RTE: Time for government to create an environment for private schools to thrive

Comments of Milan K Sinha (Patna) 
27 Oct, 2012 03:30 PM

RTE is definitely the basic human right. But, if we see the education scenario in the country, we find to our dismay and anguish that Govt. has not taken up this issue on priority so far thereby letting as many as one fourth of its population remaining still illiterate. There are many ifs and buts even for ensuring 100% primary school education. Most of these one lac plus private schools were allowed to exploit the guardians as these schools charge hefty fees etc. but do not guarantee better and value based education to the students even in their formative age. Instead of letting the private schools mushroom further and be money minting organisations, as it has happened during last few years, Govt. must first regulate the basic fee structure and the basic curriculum vis-a-vis the basic infrastructure such as library, laboratory, playing space etc. and simultaneously try its best to upgrade the standard of more than a million Govt. run schools in all respect on highest priority. To say, basic school education must maintain the basic quality benchmark and more importantly is made affordable to all sections of society.

Comments of Milan K Sinha (PATNA) in 
The Times Of India dt. 27.10.12

Dear Reader,
Your comment on the article ''Indian Overseas Bank’s (IOB) net falls 24%'' is now displayed on timesofindia.com.

''Banking experts and industry watchers will not be surprised by this development in IOB as NPA has been proving to be an uncontrollable demon in India's Banking space. And the reasons are not unknown to the well known people who are at the helms of managing the Banking system. Actually, more or less all the banks are facing the NPA music as quality of credit has been a matter of concern and discussion in the inner banking circle. Rules, regulations, guidelines and above all prudence in sanctioning, disbursing and ensuring compliance of sanction terms & conditions are not taken seriously atleast on practical ground particularly in bigger loans. More over, various aspects of credit monitoring system, though in place on paper, are not adhered to strictly in practice. So, we will have more banks in this queue to declare higher gross NPA and lower profits in coming days. RBI, in consultation with CEOs of Banks, must act decisively to arrest this trend without further delay.''

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