Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Economic Times Story on 30.10.12: How Congress may use cash transfers as the main weapon in the 2014 elections

Comments of MILAN K SINHA (PATNA) 
30 Oct, 2012 12:03 PM

It is always welcome to make & effect an action plan to help mitigate the economic hardships of the disadvantaged section of society, but if it is aimed only to project one political party or the other as the messiah of the poor masses by spending thousands of crore of tax payers money, may be in the name of direct cash transfer through Aadhaar route will not be going to strengthen the AADHAAR (Base) of the doer. The problem in this country is: the political masters think and believe too, that the Mango Masses(Aam Aadmi) can be taken for granted and so for a ride too as and when they so wish, but they fail to read the writing on the wall and acknowledge the fact that the complexion of electoral college is fast changing with growing inclusion of educated youths as new voters, who will not take the things as it is. Moreover, the Kejriwals and Hazares are there to make genuine protests against all such ill motivated moves attracting attention of many in the country.


Economic Times Story on 30.10.12: RBI Q2 monetary policy review: Subbarao's accountability is to people of India, not just his masters

Comments of Milan K Sinha (Patna, India) 
30 Oct, 2012 06:15 PM

When a senior functionary of the central government like RBI governor says that his accountability is to the people of India and their welfare, and not just to his masters.., it reflects the high level of commitment of a man who is otherwise too, duty bound to act only for the good of the country, come what may. Unfortunately, even though there are still many upright and efficient officers in all government departments, yet they are not showing the minimum courage of saying a spade a spade for any and many reasons, personal, professional or otherwise. Undoubtedly, the flow of investment is not marred by the reported high interest rate regime alone. It is mainly because of the polluted political environment in the country which has deteriorated fast in recent past with so many bigger scams coming to light involving important political persons. Corporates who make hue and cry often disproportionately, in the media on rate related issues must first follow the principle of corporate governance, if not in letter & spirit but at least on a reasonable level because they too have an accountability towards their fellow countrymen.

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  1. On the story : "How Congress may use cash transfers as the main weapon in the 2014 elections"

    Rightly said sir. The information generated now a days are well absorbed by the Indian youth and thus they are capable to take right decisions at right time for our better future.

    1. Today's youths, I am confident, would think and do the needful. Thanks for reacting. All the Best.

  2. Well written.I like your views.SG

  3. I fully endorse your views.

  4. Your views on D.Subbaraoand and his actions are thoghtful.FII /FDI inflows have suffered during low interest rate regime in the past too.rks

    1. Your are right.Thanks for your comments. All the Best.