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Comments of MILAN K SINHA (PATNA) in  
The Times Of India dt.12.12.12 10:09 PM

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''To dream and think of having a leaner and younger organisation in Indian Banking space with an aspiration to be the Bank of choice is understandable, but to embark on a short cut path for fulfilling this dream by such measures as trimming the workforce by offering VRS with additional benefits in the name of cutting establishment cost doesn't seem to be a thoughtful decision. The Indian Banking has been different & will continue to be different from the the Banking of Europe or America for many cogent reasons and hence the entire gamut of banking is to looked at from basic Indian perspective. Ms. Sharma who is 53 plus and has  her first top assignment in Banking as CEO of Axis Bank must appreciate the value of relationship in Banking, particularly Indian Banking. We would agree, Banking is not only beautiful premises, files, furniture, computers & electronic gadgets but also (rather more important) its own knowledgeable, motivated, enthusiastic, committed, motivated & loyal staff who makes all the difference in the balance sheet of the bank and creates a brand image in the market by adding more and more satisfied customers for the consistent growth of business year after year. And the senior level personnel in the age group of 35 to 50 are the ones who by their reasonably long experience and knowledge of the trade and market are best suited to plan and perform as team leaders. Moreover, when Banks like Axis Bank has to plan expansion in view of increasing the market share by penetrating the smaller cities & bigger villages with added responsibility of sharing the task of financial inclusion as per the directives of the regulator, it is all the more necessary to have matured people with banking experience at the senior level. Yes, dead woods and non performers must be weeded out by having a defined HR policy on an on going basis without incurring additional cost on VRS etc.''


Comments of MILAN K SINHA (PATNA) in  
The Times Of India dt.12.12.12 11:57 PM

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''Undoubtedly, Anmol's accident was a terrible blow, emotionally and otherwise too, for his family, but the sense of bravery and social/human concern his parents and relatives have shown at this trying time is hugely praiseworthy and worth emulating by large section of society. This is going to be the larger than life example of living after death. The Govt. authorities and top medical functionaries in the country must also take a lesson from this incident and do everything possible to develop infrastructure in all cities in the country to ensure harvesting of usable organs in such circumstances and transplanting them in the bodies of matching recipients.''

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