Tuesday, January 8, 2013


'Live Mint' story on 08.01.13 : Promoting the culture of volunteering 

Comments of Milan K Sinha
08 Jan, 2013 07:26 PM

The first hand experiences of rural India is really thought provoking as well as inspiring.The Young Educated India of today which is millions in number and is relatively far more exposed to learning and education,  has lots of potential to transform the Indian Nation to make it a place worth living in true sense of the term by addressing issues related to poverty, starvation, nutrition, education, health etc provided they have the will and commitment to do it followed by  accepting the culture of volunteering to have real ground level experiences like Madhavan. We have more than six lac villages in the country , most of which face many basic problems of life. No doubt Govt. has been spending  huge amount  of money year after year in the name of rural development and welfare schemes meant for  the poor  and disadvantaged section of society, but unfortunately it has not been reaching to them because of corrupt delivery system where there is no strict check and balance. If educated youth, both in the system and outside the system of delivery administration take a resolve to know the actual  loopholes and then do the needful as per law of the land to help plug them, the developmental scene in the country, more particularly in rural  areas would be truly encouraging.

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'Live Mint' story on 04.01.13 : Economy likely to grow at less than 6%: Kaushik Basu

Comments of Milan K Sinha
04 Jan, 2013 11:26 PM

In any case the the growth rate would be less than 6% as all the experts and top Govt. functionaries have  opined. If one look back and analyse the uncertainty and confusion that have been prevailing almost all through the last three quarters both politically and economically, the growth estimates can't be termed as bad. But the more important question to be asked is about the quality of life of common Indian vis-a-vis the growth story of our economy. Majority of our population is still fighting for meeting their two ends. The basic necessities of life are still far away from their normal reach.  Govt. claim and proclaim to  be spending lacs of crore  on welfare schemes for the poor and the disadvantaged section of society, but the money is not reaching to the targeted population as the delivery system is fraught with lots of deficiencies and loopholes. Simply, we can't afford to have two India in our country if the country is to be a super power in real terms in next couple of years. It is hoped, the thinkers and policy makers like Basu  would appreciate this concern and suggest  far better ways  and means to address the basic problems of common people.

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